Of Water and Wisdom (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)

Myself as Sailor Mercury

Costume made by me, photo by laughingsparrow

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"Um… My name is Mahiru Koizumi. Nice to meet you, I guess."


yo man this was my first cosplay it wasn’t even that bad

Mahiru / Photo

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Character: Mami Tomoe
Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Cosplayer: Rin
Photographer: Steven Melvin

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A photo from the shoot I did a few weeks ago :)

Photo taken by Sourav Reza with minor edits done by myself

I also started a »facebook page «recently so if you want to follow me there go for it :) also look there for details on how I made the costume/materials

More Pictures to come!

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Daft Punk. Model: C&C Cosplay - tumblr / Photographer: Photography by Zach Picard 

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Photo set from Northwest Fan Fest of my third cosplay.
Night elf scourgestalker hunter armour set (t8.5) from World of Warcraft.

This was the first time I ever wore this costume all together. I’ve tried on parts of it at home, but I didn’t know what it would look like all together. Needless to say I am SO thrilled on how everything came together with only a couple post-con repairs to take care of ^_^ I also entered the costume contest and ended up winning Best Master. 

Thank you to everyone’s positive feedback and comments on my stuff, it made this past week so special <3

Find Oshley Cosplay on:

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We’re back! With a new date and new venue! 

Northwest Fan Fest 2015 will be taking place at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, conveniently next to the New Westminster SkyTrain station! 

Get your passes now to save! Weekend passes are only $40! Day passes and limited VIP passes are also available. Head on over to our website for passes and information: http://northwestfanfest.com/

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Dress & Bow : BtSSB - Marie’s Sailor JSK

Bag : Innocent World

Blouse, Shoes, Jacket : Bodyline

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The Bringer of Truth by ~hikari-twilight

It was an extremely windy day that day indeed.

N: Me
Reshiram: k-kirby

Photo by: Gail

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"Nagisa-kun! Stop moving or you’re going to fall!!!"

Nagisa Hazuki

Rei Ryugazaki

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